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New DVDs 4-29-2008

This week in the NY Times, a look at the “First Ladies: Early Women Filmmakers” series from Kino, which includes Lois Weber’s allegorical oddity “Hypocrites” (an oddly allegorical moment is shown above). And there’s a new digitally restored and remixed version of Gregg Araki’s Angry Young Gay Man movie of 1992, “The Living End.”


New DVDs 4-22-2008

This week in the New York Times I demonstrate my newly conferred status as King of the Hipsters by interviewing Claude Lelouch and enthusizing over Shirley Temple. Hipper than this you simply do not get.

The screen grab above is from Fox Home Video’s excellent new version of John Ford’s “Wee Willie Winkie,” which […]

New DVDs 4-15-2008

Criterion’s very nice disc of “Blast of Silence,” Alan Baron’s New York indie noir from 1961, contains among its many other virtues some strikingly unvarnished images of Manhattan in the early 60s. Above is a view of St. Mark’s Place, where Baron’s main character, a lone-wolf contract killer, takes a room in a seedy […]

New DVDs 4-8-2008

A big batch of Chris Marker’s essay films is being released by First Run/Icarus Films, including a double disc set of Alexander Medvedkin’s 1934/35 Soviet comedy “Happiness” and Marker’s critical documentary on Medvedkin, “The Last Bolshevik.”

Some disquieting news from the Auteurist Home Office in Paris. Le Monde, the daily paper that now […]

Charlton Heston 1924-2008

The subject of the single most notorious pronouncement in the history of film criticism — Michel Mourlet’s proclamation that “Charlton Heston is an axiom of the cinema” — Heston made himself easy to dismiss in his later years with his own notorious pronouncements — “I’ll give you my gun when you take it from my […]

Down for Maintenance

I’m upgrading my software, and hope to be back live as soon as humanly possible.