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Man’s Castle (Frank Borzage, 1933)

Turner Classic Movies mysteriously canceled this week’s broadcast of Frank Borzage’s masterpiece, though another showing is still scheduled for August 31 at 11:30 pm. Now that Leo McCarey’s “Make Way for Tomorrow” has finally turned up on DVD (albeit in a stiffly priced French edition), Borzage’s magnificent Depression romance moves into my number one […]

New DVDs 6-24-2008

It’s been a heckuva year for Anthony Mann, what with the excellent new versions of “El Cid” and “Fall of the Roman Empire” from the Weinstein Company, the widescreen debut of “Man of the West” from MGM/Fox, the James Stewart westerns set from Universal (with all new transfers, including a razor-sharp “Winchester 73”), and […]

New DVDs 6-17-2008

Transgression, with bananas. Fox Home Entertainment takes another crack at “The Gang’s All Here” and does much better by it, as part of a Carmen Miranda box set, reviewed in today’s NY Times.

The streaming video is still pretty sluggish, but when this site gets going, it’s going to be something: masses of rare […]

The Return

I’m back in business (or whatever this is) after being down for a few days. My ISP decided to change servers without warning, and apparently these things take time. But from now on your experience of will be even more fast paced and generally scintillating than ever, thanks to the shiny new technology […]

New DVDs 6-10-2008

I’ve been enjoying the blazing debate over the importance of acting in the movies that has taken over the Sydney Pollack thread. To me, acting remains a mysterious, unquantifiable activity that I have never really learned to discuss in critical terms. Actors, however, are something else, and I’ve never doubted their central importance to […]

New DVDs 6-3-2008

That perfectly framed shot above is from Richard Fleischer’s “Mandingo,” which has just come out in a very watchable edition from an independent outfit, Legend Films , that’s begun licensing some of the Paramount library titles that Viacom-CBS-Paramount no longer seems interested in handling. They’ve announced 32 titles, among them “Money from Home,” the […]