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New DVDs 7-29-2008

Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment keeps coming up with beautifully produced box sets drawn from their extensive library, and today’s release of “The Tyrone Power Matinee Idol Collection” is no exception. There aren’t any major discoveries among the ten (!) impeccably transferred titles, although there is a minor one: “I’ll Never Forget You,” Roy […]

Youssef Chahine (1926-2008)

Sad news from Cairo where Youssef Chahine has passed on at the age of 82. Jo, as he was known to almost everyone who crossed his path, was a warm, delightful individual and an endlessly inventive filmmaker, whose unpredictable mixture of styles and tones remains one of the best arguments I know for an […]

New DVDs 7-22-2008

Two very different horror movies, released within a few months of each other: Karl Freund’s austere, minimalist “The Mummy” and Carl Theodor Dreyer’s unrestrainedly experimental “Vampyr,” considered here in the New York Times.

The Dark Knight (Christopher Nolan, 2008)

“The reactionary . . . is likely to start from a profound conviction of the evil of the natural man. Instead of worrying because people do not get enough freedom, he is obsessed by the need for police — authority, discipline, order. How else can you keep the Devil under control?”

Edmund Wilson on […]

New DVDs 7-15-2008

Shot in India by the German director Franz Osten in 1929, “A Throw of Dice” is an unexpected visual treat, a film that blends the highly sophisticated technique of late silent, Weimar cinema with an expansive use of Indian locations — the sort of thing that Alexander Korda would be straining to reproduce in […]

New DVDs 7-9-2008

It’s a slow season for new releases, so I’ve been going back for a few things that fell through the cracks. This week: Thorold Dickinson’s “Hill 24 Doesn’t Answer,” the second volume of “The Stan Laurel Collection” from Kino International and Paris’s Lobster Films, and another Chris Marker essay from Icarus, “Remebrance of Things […]

New DVDs 7-1-2008

This week in the New York Times, a look at two interrelated releases from Criterion, Paul Schrader’s “Mishima” (1985) and Yukio Mishima’s “Patriotism” (1966), plus a tribute to Phil Karlson’s devastating final noir, “Framed” (1975), out this week in a budget edition from Legend Films, available for the moment only through Best Buy.