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New DVDs 8-26-2008

This week in the New York Times, a handsome new box set of Errol Flynn westerns is a forceful reminder of the role Flynn played in re-establishing the A western in the 1940s. And William Keighly’s overlooked “Rocky Mountian” turns out to be a nice surprise — a compact little actioner that suggests a […]

More Batstuff

Not that I’m eager to attract all the Batboys back to the board, but Larry Kart has sent in an interesting post on “The Dark Knight” that deserves better than being buried at the end of that painfully long thread:

Lord knows this party is over, but I’m surprised, now that I’ve seen TDK, that […]

New DVDs 8-19-2008

Criterion has released Larisa Shepitko’s two best-known films, “Wings” (1966, above) and “The Ascent” (1977), on the company’s no-frills Eclipse label, and they remain stunning fragments from a career that never was — Shepitko died in a car accident at the age of 40. Seen again, they bear a closer resemblance to the work […]

New DVDs 8-12-2008

Was Reginald Barker a great director? So much of his work has been lost that we’ll probably never know, but on the limited basis of “The Wrath of the Gods” (1914), “The Coward” (1915), “Civilization” (1916) and now, the excellent new edition of “The Italian” (1915) from Flicker Alley, there’s plenty of evidence that […]

New DVDs 8-5-2008

This week in my New York Times column I contemplate the casual pleasures of Enzo Castellari’s 1978 “The Inglorious Bastards,” an enterprising Italian knock-off of “The Dirty Dozen” that Quentin Tarantino intends to remake (though very loosely, if the script purloined by New York Magazine is an authentic one). The popular Italian cinema of […]