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New DVDs: Four by Mizoguchi

With no new Rob Marshall film due until Christmas, 2009, The Criterion Collection has kindly decided to help us through by releasing four films by Kenji Mizoguchi on its budget Eclipse label. Included in “Kenji Mizoguchi’s Fallen Women” are the great Japanese filmmaker’s twin masterpieces of 1936, “Osaka Elegy” and “Sisters of the Gion”; […]

New DVDs: Halloween Horror

A grab bag this week in the New York Times, covering everything from Albert Lewin’s “Picture of Dorian Gray” to the new Blu-ray release of “The Texas Chain Saw Massacre,” with a lyrical interlude devoted to the fine box of Hammer horrors assembled for Sony Home Video by Mike Schlesinger.


New DVDs: Sleeping Beauty

This week in the New York Times, a review of Disney’s new edition of “Sleeping Beauty.” No jazz, no beatniks, but it has one hell of an aspect ratio: 2.55:1.

Cahiers sold?

News from Paris: the website “Les Cahiers aux Cahiers” is reporting that the venerable magazine is on the point of being sold to the UK based publisher Phaidon. Known primarily for its lush art books, Phaidon has promised, according to a press release from present owners, the Le Monde group, posted on the Cahiers […]

New DVDs: Touch of Evil

Well, I wrote about “Risky Business” and “The Last Laugh” this week, but the sentiment of the group seems to be that we all want to vent about the “Touch of Evil” 50th anniversary edition, with its highly controversial 1.85 aspect ratio. There’s clearly no cut and dried answer here, in the absence of […]