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Garrel x 2

Thanks to Zeitgeist Films and The Film Desk, two more films by Philippe Garrel have recieved subtitled releases: his 1989 “Emergency Kisses” (“Les Baisers de secours”) and his 1991 “I Can No Longer Hear the Guitar” (“J’entends plus la guitar”). Both are highly, almost intimidatingly personal “diary” films that deal, in fictionalized form, with […]

New DVDs: Nikkatsu on Parade

Nikkatsu, the venerable Japanese studio, seems to be on a licensing binge lately. The latest titles to appear are “Pigs and Battleships,” “The Instect Woman” and “Intentions of Murder,” featured in Criterion’s Shohei Imamura box set, and two campy action pictures, Seijun Suzuku’s campy “Detective Bureau 2-3” and Motumu Ida’s “3 Seconds before Explosion,” both […]

New DVDs: Fritz Lang

Fritz Lang was one filmmaker who couldn’t help investing himself in every shot he took — a truism underlined again by Fox Home Video’s very nice new edition of Lang’s 1941 “Man Hunt.” The film is at once a piece of highly topical propaganda, urging America’s entry into World War II just months before […]

New DVDs: Alexander Korda

This week in the New York Times, I write about the new set from Criterion’s budget line, Eclipse, “Alexander Korda’s Private Lives,” which contains four historical films from the Hungarian-British producer. The most interesting are the two that Korda directed himself: “The Private Life of Henry VIII,” (1933), a Lubitschian comedy of sexual mores […]

New DVDs: Goldwyn, Hawks, Seiter

Three handsome Technicolor restorations from MGM DVD slipped in under cover of darkness this week: the ungainly but gorgeously designed “The Goldwyn Follies” (1938), Howard Hawks’s lackadaisical but gorgeously shot 1948 “A Song Is Born” (fodder for those jazz buffs who have commandeered the Oshima thread, but not too much, I hope), and William […]