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Jack Garfein and Hal Ashby

A couple of curiosities enter the marketplace this week: Jack Garfein’s 1957 “The Strange One,” an anti-fascist allegory with homoerotic overtones that somehow slipped past the Production Code, and a recently discovered alternate version of Hal Ashby’s 1982 comedy “Lookin’ to Get Out,” featuring Jon Voight, Burt Young, Ann-Maragaret and about fifteen minutes of […]

Alain Resnais and Stanley Kubrick

Two black-and-white classics of the early 60s, now looking much better than they ever have on home video, thanks to new Blu-ray editions from the Criterion Collection (“Last Year at Marienbad”) and Sony Home Entertainment (“Dr. Strangelove”). An appreciation here in the New York Times.


Jack Lemmon

A new box set from Sony documents Jack Lemmon’s reign as America’s ultimate male hysteric, trapped between the corporate conformism of the 1950s and the sexual revolution of the 1960s. Mark Robson’s 1954 “Phffft!” will not help the case for Robson’s post-Val Lewton auteur status, but Richard Quine’s distinctive style emerges in “Operation Mad […]

Andrew Sarris Persists and Endures

A number of websites, including Movie City News and Sean P. Means’s “Movie Cricket” blog in the Salt Lake Tribune (where Andrew is named “Number 57” among “The Departed”), have been reporting that Andrew Sarris has been fired from the New York Observer. Not true, says Molly Haskell. Andrew, along with a dozen other writers […]

Zabriskie Point/Woodstock

“Zabriskie Point is everywhere!” wails Roy Orbison at the end of Michelangelo Antonioni’s parched and pessimistic 1970 examination of America’s alienated youth, which earned scornful reviews and bombed at the box-office only a few weeks before Michael Wadleigh’s verdant music documentary “Woodstock” proved that there was still plenty of money to be found in […]