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New School Horror

Continuing a casual survey of the horror genre begun last week with some recent old school releases on DVD, this week’s New York Times column moves into the post-Romero world of non-supernatural, body-centered horror as represented by Lucio Fulci’s “New York Ripper” (1982), Joseph Ruben’s “The Stepfather” (1987), Fred Dekker’s “Night of the Creeps” […]

Old School Horror

This week in the New York Times, the first of a two part round-up of recent horror film releases, which for some reason seem to proliferate in late October, looks at some examples of old school horror, before the gore revolution of the late 60s. Included are “The Walking Dead” (1936), one of the […]

Dusan Makavejev

Stepping outside the classical Hollywood cinema, at least for a moment, here’s a look at the three early features by Dusan Makavejev, the great Yugoslavian pre-post-modernist, that Criterion has kindly issued on the company’s budget Eclipse label.

The set includes “Man Is Not a Bird,” Makavejev’s first (1965) shot at fiction after a […]

Walt Disney, Nick Park

Animation on the docket this week, with Blu-ray releases both old school (Disney’s “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs” of 1937) and new (Nick Park’s stop-motion “Wallace and Gromit” shorts, now in a one-disc anthology). Ruminations here in the New York Times.