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Jerry Lewis, Claudette Colbert

It’s a big week for Jerryphiles, with the release of both Chris Fujiwara’s excellent new monograph on Lewis from the Unveristy of Illinois Press, and the appearance of “The Jerry Lewis Show” from Infinity Entertainment — a two-disc collection of sketches culled from Lewis’s largely forgotten (and since largely unseen) NBC series of 1967-69. […]

Avant-Garde 3

Volume three in Kino’s Avant-Garde series includes some rare titles from Eastman House, among them Alberto Cavalcanti’s amazing anticipation of Godardian political montage, “Rien que les heures,” while Icarus offers Martina Kudlacek’s 2006 documentary “Notes on Marie Menken” (which includes three Menken films) and Microcinema comes up with an elaborately produced edition of Jonas […]

Sirk, Bunuel, McGoohan

Catching up with a few things that fell between the cracks in recent weeks: A passable edition of Douglas Sirk’s “Summer Storm” from VCI Entertainment, a handsome transfer (with a questionable aspect ratio) of Luis Bunuel’s French-Mexican co-production “Death in the Garden” from Microcinema, and A&E’s stunning Blu-ray edition of Patrick McGoohan’s seminal British […]

The Samuel Fuller Film Collection

I’m traveling this weekend so I’ve put up the link to my Times column a bit early. I’m eager to hear your thoughts on this interesting collection from Sony, which includes seven Columbia features — two of them directed by Fuller (“The Crimson Kimono” and “Underworld USA”) and five on which he worked in […]

Robert Zemeckis’s “A Christmas Carol”

The New York Times has its Holiday Preview issue this week, which means no DVD column — the world will somehow have to do without my thoughts on Sony’s new Sam Fuller set until next week. But in the meantime, I can offer the latest installment in my quixotic campaign to convince the world […]