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Happy New Year!

My best wishes and deepest thanks to all the brilliant contributors and patient readers who make this place whatever it is!

If anyone has ten best lists to post — for the year, the decade, or any other arbitrary division of time — this would be an excellent moment to do so.


Lewis Milestone, John Huston

This week in the New York Times, a glance at two fine films by directors whose work knew some wide variations in quality and commitment. From VCI comes at last a watchable copy of Milestone’s superb “A Walk in the Sun,” a film about men in combat made during the last months of World […]

Robin Wood 1931-2009

It’s the year in review issue of the New York Times today, which means no DVD column — just as well, because the passing of Robin Wood overshadows anything I would have to say this week. He was one of the finest minds our field has produced, one of the very few writers who […]

Boris Barnet, Fedor Ozep, “Miss Mend”

It’s only a few years old, but Flicker Alley has already become one of the outstanding labels in the DVD business. Founded by Jeffery Masino in 2002, the company brings together the resources of David Shepard’s Blackhawk Films and Serge Bromberg and Eric Lange’s Lobster Films of Paris, and has come to specialize in […]

AK 100

The most imposing gift box of this season is Criterion’s $400 “AK 100,” a collection of 25 films by Akira Kurosawa issued in anticipation of his centenary next March. Most of what’s in it are single disc editions of Kurosawa films that Criterion has previously issued with reams of extras, but there are four titles […]