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News from Home, The Music Man

This week, the luck of the release schedule yields what is very likely the world’s first pairing of Chantal Akerman and Morton Da Costa in the same column space as I review the fine new Akerman set from Criterion’s Eclipse label and Warner Home Video’s handsome Blu-ray edition of Da Costa’s minimally altered Broadway […]

Rossellini's War Trilogy

Criterion’s new edition of these crucially important films — “Rome Open City” (1945), “Paisan” (1946) and “Germany Year Zero” (1948) — has been in the works for a long time, but the wait was more than worth it. These films probably haven’t looked this good since they were first released, and “Paisan” in particular […]

Jean Simmons 1929-2010

Early Musicals

Still brooding about “Avatar” and the possibility of a paradigm shift coming up, I took a look at nine early musicals recently released in the Warner Archive Collection, searching for clues to how Hollywood managed that major transition. Results are here in the New York Times.


Eric Rohmer 1920-2010

A great artist and a great critic. My New York Times obituary is here.

Ford, Capra, Wyler and 3-D

Two — count ’em — two stories in the New York Times’ special Oscar section this week: one on the top three Oscar-winning directors and their films on DVD, another on the past, present and future of 3-D (all in 1200 breathless words). Above is a poster for William Wyler’s too-often overlooked “College Capers,” […]