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Universal's Barbara Stanwyck

Some big surprises in the Barbara Stanwyck box set out from Universal this week, reviewed here in the New York Times.

One of them is happy: a glistening transfer of Alfred Santell’s 1937 “Internes Can’t Take Money,” an unexpected burst of visual invention from a filmmaker whose career began in silent comedy with Lloyd […]

Jolson, Pontecorvo, Ruben

More odds and ends this week, with a look at an unusually (uniquely?) high quality release from the Warner Archive Collection, Michael Curtiz’s 1930 Al Jolson vehicle “Mammy” (now with its Technicolor sequences refurbished); Gillo Pontecorvo’s problematic Holocaust film, “Kapo,” in a new edition from Criterion; and the Blu-ray reissue of a favorite entertainment […]

Rene Clair, Henri Cartier-Bresson

Francophilia week, with reviews of an excellent new edition of Rene Clair’s “The Italian Straw Hat” from Flicker Alley, and a collection of films by and about Henri Cartier-Bresson from Arthouse. My New York Times review is here.

Joseph Losey, Hammer Films

Under the title “Icons of Suspense,” Sony offers a third collection of new-to-DVD titles from their Hammer Films holdings — mostly moderately budgeted, black-and-white films from the early 60s that reflect the influence of “Les Diaboliques” (Val Guest’s “Stop Me Before I Kill,” Guy Green’s “The Snorkel”) or “Psycho” (Michael Carreras’s “Maniac”). The highlight […]