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Paramount on Parade

Paramount’s corporate parent, Viacom, seems to have lost all interest in issuing older titles from the Paramount catalog, but happily an independent distributor, Olive Films, has begun licensing titles from that rich and neglected library. The first batch of five is out this week, and it consists (inevitably) of three more-or-less noirs — Lewis […]

Yet Still More Noir Even

The noir boom continues — at least, the studios have found one way to market old movies — with a pair of lush sets from Sony (five titles) and Warners (eight). For the most part these are mid to late period titles, moving from the baroque stylization of Anthony Mann’s 1947 “Desperate” to the […]


Warner Home Video has started doing some remastering on the Archive Collection (and charging a tidy premium for it — the list for the remastered titles is $24.95, as opposed to $19.95 for the untouched titles). The highlight of the first batch of three is unquestionably Samuel Fuller’s 1959 “Verboten!”, reputedly the last film […]

Keaton at Educational

The sixteen two-reelers that Buster Keaton made for Educational Pictures between 1934 and 1937 represent a tremendous comedown from his creative peak in the 1920s, but approached with a spirit of low expectations, they can yield some remarkable moments. The most personal of the lot — the one film that seems to consistently reflect […]