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Tony Curtis 1925-2010

Enough already. My New York Times obituary is here.

Arthur Penn 1922-2010

Another great is gone. This has been a mean season for the movies. My New York Times obituary is here.

Gloria Stuart, Miscellaneous Brits and Edward Dmytryk

Goodbye to Gloria Stuart at the age of 100. She was a lovely old lady in “Titanic,” but as the photo above suggests, she was something of a looker in her youth as well. This undated Universal publicity still clearly belongs to the period when she was competing with Mae Clarke as James Whale’s […]

Louis Feuillade’s “Fantomas”

It’s taken a while, but Kino has finally imported Gaumont’s fine 1999 release of Louis Feuillade’s first serial, “Fantomas.” Unlike the Gaumont and the British Artificial Eye releases, the Kino version has replaced the French intertitles with English translations (rather than just supplying subtitles) — a drawback for Francophones and strict constructionists but probably […]

Claude Chabrol 1930-2010

If there ever was a filmmaker who seemed like he’d go on forever, it was Claude Chabrol, who released his most recent film, “Bellamy,” last year at the age of 79. Alas, such is not the case: word has arrived from Paris that Chabrol died on Sunday, a few weeks after his 80th birthday. […]

Kay Francis and Frank Borzage

Frank Borzage’s back-to-back Kay Francis films of 1935, “Living on Velvet” and “Stranded,” may not be among his most fully realized works — “Velvet,” in particular, suffers from a clumsily imposed happy ending — but they make a lovely matched set. In both films, George Brent plays a typically disengaged Borzage hero — in […]

Ford’s “Upstream” at AMPAS

John Ford’s rediscovered 1927 “Upstream” will have its American re-premiere at the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Science’s Samuel Goldwyn Theater in Los Angeles Wednesday night, so I’ve set aside this space for reactions from those lucky enough to be in attendance. Masterpiece, minor footnote, or (most likely), something in between? Please share […]