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As he approaches his 85th birthday, Roger Corman is probably better known as the producer of some 400 exploitation films (and a few respectable ones!) than he is as a director, but he made some interesting pictures in his time. Many — like the set of three early Corman efforts that Shout! Factor is […]

Sam’s Bon-bons

Sam Fuller’s two most madly stylized films, “Shock Corridor” (1963) and “The Naked Kiss” (1964) have been part of the Criterion Collection since the Laserdisc days, and now Criterion has duly given them a Blu-ray upgrade: cause for celebration in this week’s New York Times column.


Two-color Doug, Euro-Curtiz and Borzage on Demand

Filmed in two-color Technicolor, Douglas Fairbanks’ 1926 swashbuckler “The Black Pirate” looks mighty fine in a new Blu-ray from Kino. Michael Curtiz finds Vienna on the backlot in the medical melodrama “Alias the Doctor,” leading a nice selection of pre-code titles from the Warner Archive Collection. And Frank Borzage’s anti-war allegory of 1931, “No […]

Lovely Rita

Sony Pictures Home Entertainment finally does right by the Queen of Columbia with a nice box set of Rita Hayworth vehicles, which includes the two Charles Vidor classics “Cover Girl” and “Gilda” (though surely both of those would merit Blu-ray releases) as well as newly remastered versions of Victor Saville’s “Tonight and Every Night” […]

As Sure as the Turning of the Earth

As we stand on the brink of another year of cinematic wonderment, here’s the annual invitation to all readers, contributors and unscrupulous publicists to submit their ten best lists — or any other form of sane, sober, carefully nuanced form of critical reflection over the last twelve months.