Westerns on Demand

This week in the New York Times, back to the brave new world of manufacturing-on-demand, where we discover that Sony is now making its well-engineered collection of “Columbia Screen Classics” available through Amazon, and the Warner Archive Collection comes through with two brilliant, non-traditional westerns: Blake Edwards’s post-revisionist, anti-Peckinpah “Wild Rovers” (1971) with William […]

When Movies Mattered at MOMI

The official publication date is still a few weeks off, but copies of “When Movies Mattered,” a collection of pieces mainly from my tenure as the film critic of the Chicago Reader, is already shipping from Amazon. (You’ll find a handy link — nudge, nudge — on my homepage.) David Schwartz, the stunningly brilliant, […]

Fernando Di Leo

One of Italy’s leading boutique distributors, RaroVideo, opens its US subdivision this week with two releases: Federico Fellini’s 1970 “docu-comedy” “The Clowns,” and a box set of four films by the action specialist Fernando Di Leo, which includes his celebrated “Milieu Trilogy” (“Milano Calibiro 9,” “La Mala Ordina” — released in the US as […]

Back to the Future

As the DVD begins its descent into technological obsolesce, here’s my attempt in the New York Times to assess the effects of the format’s slow fade-out on cinephilia. For the moment, the bad news is that the hot new streaming technologies don’t offer a visual experience all that superior to VHS; the good news […]