Gaumont Treasures Volume 2 — and Zombies

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I’m reluctant to interrupt the passionate discussion currently raging in the “Sturges at Sunset” section, but if I don’t start a new thread, we’re going to hit those annoying “out of memory” errors again. So here goes: Kino has released a condensed and subtitled version of the second volume in Gaumont’s magnificent “Le Cinema […]

Sturges at Sunset

One of the true curiosities of the cinema, Gerd Oswald’s 1958 “Paris Holiday” has finally turned up in an acceptable widescreen transfer as part of Shout! Factory’s hit-or-miss set “The Bob Hope Collection, Vol. 2.”

Oswald, the elegant, German-trained director of such thrillers as “A Kiss before Dying” (1956) and westerns like “Fury […]

God’s Lonely Men

Sony has issued a very handsome Blu-ray of Martin Scorsese’s “Taxi Driver” in time for the film’s 35th anniversary, which I write a bit about here in the New York Times though there is a great deal more to say about this heady, difficult film, poised in some previously unknown zone between Robert Bresson […]

Cast of Thousands

The simultaneous appearance of Scott Eyman’s fine new biography of Cecil B. DeMille, […]