Fasten Your Seat Belts

Presented in 70-millimeter in a select group of theaters, Paul Thomas Anderson’s dense and ambitious “The Master” is refocusing attention on wide-gauge filmmaking — a propitious time for the Cinerama guru David Strohmaier to come out with his meticulous restoration of the first Cinerama feature, the 1952 “This Is Cinerama,” as well as the […]

A Six Gun Is Also a Six Gun

The more time I spend with the work of Raoul Walsh, the less in love I am with “Pursued,” the 1947 psychological western that helped to make a star of Robert Mitchum. The film’s fatalistic flashback structure and ingrown family romance seem primarily to reflect the Freudian preoccupations of the scenarist, Niven Busch (“Duel […]

On the Beach

It seems like Eastman House has been working on their restoration of Paul Fejos’s magnificent “Lonesome” forever, but now the effort has paid off in a stunningly beautiful disc from the Criterion Collection. Based on a print from the Cinematheque Francaise, the new edition presents excellent grain and contrast (certainly in the Blu-ray version), […]