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Brimstone, Ashes and Robert Aldrich

The only time I ever laid eyes on the great Robert Aldrich was at a test screening of “Twilight’s Last Gleaming” at the Esquire Theater in Chicago, in what must have been the fall of 1976. He stepped out of a limousine, with those famous eyebrows curling upward, and maneuvered his imposing bulk straight […]

Little Mary, Young Hitch and the Mystery of William Beaudine

In the New York Times this week, some notes on Mary Pickford on the occasion of Milestone’s release of “Rags and Riches: the Mary Pickford Collection,” a Blu-ray collection that includes fine transfers of Maurice Tourneur’s “The Poor Little Rich Girl” (1917), Sidney A. Franklin’s “The Hoodlum” (1919), and that single, astonishing work of […]

Lang before Lang

It’s good to be getting back to a normal schedule after several weeks of disruptions great and small. This week in the New York Times, I have a review of Kino’s new three-dvd set “Fritz Lang: The Early Years,” which contains the three pre-“Destiny” titles that have been circulating on the internet for years, […]