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Hello, I Must Be Going

As the old year fades out, here’s a look at Bill Morrison’s beautiful and provocative “Decasia,” a film entirely assembled out of carefully chosen strips of decaying celluloid. Morrison reminds us, among many other things, that movies are at once glorious illusions situated outside the normal boundaries of time and space and highly fragile […]

Lake, Ladd and a Lady

Continuing to liberate titles from the Universal library, TCM’s Vault Series this week offers “Dark Crimes,” a three disc set of noir (or at least noir-like) films that, amazingly enough, have never been released on American home video: the two middle entries in the Veronica Lake-Alan Ladd cycle, Stuart Heisler’s “The Glass Key” (1942) […]

Hounding Fox

This week in the New York Times, I do a little rooting around in the mixed bag that is the Fox Cinema Archive Collection, the manufactured-on-demand program that Twentieth Century Fox started several months ago in response to the Warner Archive Collection. The selection includes over a hundred titles by now (perhaps the easiest […]