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Cahiers sold?

News from Paris: the website “Les Cahiers aux Cahiers” is reporting that the venerable magazine is on the point of being sold to the UK based publisher Phaidon. Known primarily for its lush art books, Phaidon has promised, according to a press release from present owners, the Le Monde group, posted on the Cahiers aux Cahiers site, to support “the continuance and development of ‘Les Cahiers du cinema.'” But there seems to be anxiety on all sides, from both the dissident editors behind the “Cahiers aux Cahiers” site and the group “Les Amis des Cahiers,” whose directors are the current publisher, Claudine Paquot, and Jean-Pierre Beauviala, Thierry Jousse, Bernard Latarjet, Michel Piccoli, and Serge Toubiana. Meetings have been called for this weekend. A suivre . . . .

And Guillaume Depardieu, son of Gerard and star of Leos Carax’s “Pola X” and Jacques Rivette’s “The Duchess of Langeais,” among many other films, has died at 37 of a sudden attack of pneumonia.

10 comments to Cahiers sold?

  • Another end of an era moment: as I’ve been predicting for about a year now, Mondo Kim’s in the East Village is finally fessing up that they’re closing:

    So far as I know, there will no longer be a venue in Manhattan with a sizable rental collection of VHS tapes, bootlegs, or OOP DVDs (unlike in L.A., where there are still two or three such outlets).

    As a New Yorker who sometimes writes about old movies, I find that a little terrifying.

  • Tony Williams

    I usually visit Kim’s each time I’m in New York. Here in the depths of southern Illinois Hollywood Video closed down along with other stores in that national chain. Although it went commercial in its last months, the closure means we have lost so many classic and foreign DVDs as a result. No other store in the area stocks Takashi Miike or classic Fukusaku. This is disturbing news.

  • Miguel Marías

    Anybody knows whaterver happened to baby Cahiers finally? Not even at the Cahier aux Cahiers site can I find a clue.
    Miguel Marías

  • Kent Jones

    Miguel, the magazine was sold to Phaidon. The details are being worked out now.

  • Miguel Marías

    Thanks, Kent. Let’s hope for the best.
    Miguel Marías

  • An intriguing comment has been published by Harry Tuttle on his SCREENVILLE site (

    “Emmanuel Burdeau announces in the current issue that the regular section in Cahiers since January 2008, called “Bazin jour après jour”, publishing unpublished texts by Bazin, will be terminated with the December issue… I suspect the new owner Phaidon, Book publisher, expects to bank on the promised publication of an hypotethical Complete Bazin, therefore prevents any leaks from their future revenues… If only that could hasten the availability of Bazin’s oeuvre. Hopefully published by the Brits, because France couldn’t do it in 50 years.
    Nothing published on the Cahiers website on November 11, 2008, to mark the 50th anniversary of André Bazin’s death. I don’t know if the redaction of Cahiers is pissed off that they were not invited/consulted to participate in the [America/France}] Bazin seminar (except for Frodon at Yale), or if they just forgot about it because they don’t care… in any case it’s shameful for the guys who claim exclusivity over the Cahiers historical legacy.”

  • Dave K

    The November Cahiers is now on line at, but ominously, my contributor’s code no longer works for access. Looks like a nice issue, though, with a DVD section that includes Bill Krohn on “An American in Paris.” The (apparently final) Bazin piece is “The Evolution of Exploration Cinema.”

  • And that “Cahiers aux Cahiers” site is now gone, too?

  • Miguel Marías

    The French “Cahiers” website tells nothing about who’s making the magazine now (some of the usual people are still there, but I see no trace of Douchet), or about the owner. And they advertise for next month their most useless of supplement, the so-called “Atlas”…
    Miguel Marías

  • Also in the same new issue: Bill Krohn on the Masters of Cinema Series release of VAMPYR! (Albeit, at least in the print version, with a mix-up of the proper image of the cover… I believe the MK2 edition is shown, which does not contain the supplements discussed in the bulk of Bill’s review. And, in any case, the MK2 is cropped from 1.19 to 1.33.)