The Case of Lena Smith (Josef von Sternberg, 1929)

Lost, lost, lost . . .

From Christoph Huber:

The Austrian Filmmuseum has devoted a whole book (bilingual German-English) to the (quite lovely) Lena Smith fragment and whatever information is to be gleaned about the film as a whole. As a project to reconstruct an “imaginary” film it is quite an intriguing endeavor.

The link to the book is here.

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  • Kent Jones

    DM, it’s an extremely complex subject that sits at the heart of post-war French cinema and its divisions. Let’s just say that I think I agree with you.

  • Dan,

    It looks like I may have misread you in regard to asking about Wood’s comparison of Hitchcock and Shakespeare. I know I have been posting on another thread here, but I do intend to address it. (I am just crammed with work and homework.) I am not, however, purposely trying to be difficult or dishonest.