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New Yorker Films auction

Here’s hoping that a responsible someone will step up to the plate. (Courtesy of Sasha Berman)

On March 12, 2009, Technicolor, Inc. and certain of its affiliates will be conducting a secured party auction sale of certain of the assets of New Yorker Films. The winning bidder(s) at the auction will purchase some or all of the available assets but not assume any of New Yorker Films’ liabilities. If you are interested in participating in the auction as a potential purchaser, please contact Mark Doyle of Technicolor – New York at 110 Leroy Street, 3rd Floor, New York, NY 10014, telephone number 212-886-5250; email:

It is New Yorker Films’ sincere hope that the purchaser of our assets will be a well qualified distributor with the intention and ability to manage and distribute the fine films we have had the privilege of distributing in a manner consistent with New Yorker Film’s 43 year history in the independent film world.

3 comments to New Yorker Films auction

  • alex hicks

    Is New Yorker Films in any way associated with the New Yorker Theater that was located on Broadway around roughly 90th street until, at least, the late 1960s. (It was a great theater, a Columbia theater of choice for film buffs, along with the Thalia, which I hear is back!)

  • Tom Brueggemann

    Dan Talbot, the founder of New Yorker Films and owner until sold in 2002 (after which he still ran the company) operated the New Yorker Theatre in the 1960s. He subsequented owned the Cinema Studio Twin across from the Lincoln Center, and then later and to this day the Lincoln Plaza Theatres.

  • Tom Brueggemann reports today’s auction was a nonevent (apart from revealing that the films are to be sold as a unit, not individually). Also claims to have new information to be revealed shortly.

    Not familiar with the site, but this is the only report I have heard so far.