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Chantal Akerman, John Cassavetes


The gods of coincidence have seen fit to bring forth two 70s classics about sex roles almost simultaneously — John Cassavetes’ “Husbands” and Chantal Akerman’s “Jeanne Dielman.” It’s an opportunity that no self-respecting Sunday journalist would allow to pass unexploited, and indeed, this guy in the New York Times does not. Let’s see how far we can get before “performativity” comes up!

260 comments to Chantal Akerman, John Cassavetes

  • Joseph McBride

    I can’t recall the title of the documentary, but it is all about
    Sam going back to Normandy to remember D-Day and
    the campaign that followed.

  • Alex Hicks

    “…BLONDE VENUS is an underappreciated masterwork, in my view. I think people tend to dismiss it as camp (largely because of the “Hot Voodoo” number) when in fact it’s perhaps Sternberg’s most overtly autobiographical film, and deeply moving.”


  • Alex Hicks

    Michael Worrall, Good question!

    Don’t see how anyone could fail to like it more than the original “Exorcist” or not be sufficiently appreciative of its imagery to see it as a film of some interest and merit. Will have to see it is coherent, or is merely scaffolding for efects like, say, De Palme’s “The Fury.”

  • Kevin Barry

    Mr. McBride, what can we look forward to in that forthcoming Fuller box?

  • Tony Wiliams

    I hope it is the letterboxed version of CHINA GATE?

  • Joseph McBride

    I am not involved in the upcoming Fuller box! Except to look forward to buying it.

  • arsaib

    As far as I know, CHINA GATE isn’t part of the forthcoming Fuller box from Sony. But THE CRIMSON KIMONO and UNDERWORLD U.S.A reportedly are.

  • Kevin Barry

    I’ve tracked down every Fuller except CHINA GATE. The recent Criterion Eclipse set was a great help, of course. PARK ROW – by the way – is being shown today (9-7-09) on TCM along with Richard Schickel’s Men Who Made the Movies episode on Fuller.

  • Kent Jones

    If anyone is still referring to this thread, the Fuller set will consist of UNDERWORLD USA and THE CRIMSON KIMONO, and three films he wrote or which are based on his stories – SCANDAL SHEET, SHOCKPROOF and a very interesting B movie with Richard Dix called IT HAPPENED IN HOLLYWOOD.

  • arsaib

    I think POWER OF THE PRESS and ADVENTURE IN SAHARA, two more films derived from his stories, are also featured but I haven’t yet been able to confirm this.

    Any commentary work from you, Kent?