Happy Birthday, Norman

“Psycho” turns 50 today, and J. Hoberman has a fine appreciation on the Village Voice website that includes Andrew Sarris’s 1960 review — his first published work in the Voice.

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  • “Other possible antecedents of Psycho (at least plot wise) that occured to me – Boetticher’s “The Killer is Loose” (cross-dressing killer)”

    More than that, a milquetoasty nebbish cross-dressing killer! I think Boetticher’s film was a clear influence on Psycho (and also, curiously enough, Touch of Evil):


    Incidentally, to the comments about Perkins’ curious not-entirely-straight image, note that Psycho isn’t even the first movie in which he wears a dress– he does so in The Matchmaker a couple of years earlier.