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New DVDs 4-8-2008

A big batch of Chris Marker’s essay films is being released by First Run/Icarus Films, including a double disc set of Alexander Medvedkin’s 1934/35 Soviet comedy “Happiness” and Marker’s critical documentary on Medvedkin, “The Last Bolshevik.”

Some disquieting news from the Auteurist Home Office in Paris. Le Monde, the daily paper that now owns “Les Cahiers du Cinema,” is going through the same economic crisis facing the US publishing industry, and has resolved to sell off some of its less profitable holdings — including “Les Editions de l’Etoile,” the parent company of “Cahiers.” While there’s very little chance that a brand as prestigious as “Cahiers” will simply be allowed to die, there’s no way of knowing what hands it will fall into. At least Rupert Murdoch doesn’t seem to speak French.

3 comments to New DVDs 4-8-2008

  • As Murdoch is the only publisher anywhere putting money into his properties, I’d say Cahiers should woo him. Isn’t it time to reassess Britney Spears in Crossroads? Is Lindsay Lohan the true auteur of her work? Spritz that thing up a bit, get the kids interested.

  • Puya Yazdi

    Cahiers isnt what it once was but if some capitalist pig ruins it anymore or kills it off entirely, we might need to take up arms and revolt!

    Perhaps we can convince Scorsese and Coppola to buy it and name Rivette editor again. We can only hope i guess.

  • Jaime

    Odd comments sound a year or so late…kids are into Hannah Montana / Miley Cyrus these days. I think they’re as interested in Britney/Lindsey Lohan as they’re into the Zimbabwean elections…

    Re: Marker, great news, I had the impression FR/IF wanted to make the most money out of the fewest people seeing the Marker films they own. Forward with GRIN WITHOUT A CAT!

    Oddly enough, BOLSHEVIK ends with a supposition of what kids love, regardless of era: dinosaurs. I thought Marker was being flip when I first saw it, but with time I’ve re-thought and re-thought and re-thought. (His trick.)